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Let's start this by saying that I'm not normally one to wear full coverage foundation - but I thought I'd give this a go as L'Oréal have been adding so many exciting new products to their Infallible line recently. The L'Oréal Infallible Total Cover Foundation claims to be a full coverage, long wear foundation that feels weightless. It's designed to cover imperfections, redness, marks and dark spots and give an overall matte finish.

Shade & Application

I purchased the shade '10 Porcelain' - which I believe to be the lightest shade (and I would say it's a tad pink on me). There doesn't seem to be a large range of shades, particularly for deeper skin tones, which is a shame. I find this applies well with a beauty blender and brush, though obviously a beauty blender considerably sheers out its coverage. This foundation claims to have something called 'Camo Stretch Technology' which allows for ultimate spreadability, and I would agree that despite how thick this formula is, a small amount goes a long way.

Above on the right is the L'Oréal Total Cover foundation in the shade Porcelain and on the left Nars Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc. You can see the texture of the L'Oréal is thick (and almost whipped feeling), when compared to the Nars.

Coverage & Finish

The coverage is very full (living up to L'Oréal's claims), with a soft matte finish and lightweight formula. Although this certainly doesn't look invisible on the skin, for such high coverage it does sit comfortably. I have combination skin with some dry patches and this foundation does emphasise dryness and texture on my skin. I don't need to set this with a powder (even in my t-zone).

Wear Time

This foundation wears for a very long time on my skin (although I wouldn't say 24 hours, as some claim), and I don't seem to get more oily throughout the day at all; however, around the four hour mark this foundation starts to emphasise my pores and texture (even more so than when it's first applied), although this isn't terrible, it doesn't look good in daylight.

Overall, for me, although I like this foundation, I think I'll be saving it for night-time wear (going out). If you're someone who gets relatively  oily and doesn't have too much texture then this may be for you.

Thanks for reading...

Robyn xxx


Best Nude lipsticks for Pale Skin

As a pale girl I know the struggle with nude lipstick - most lippies that are nude on medium skin tones are just a deep pink or brown on me, and when I rarely find a proper 'nude' nude I can have a tendency to look a tad dead and grey. I imagine for most skin tones there's a similar problem, but in this post I  thought I'd share the nudes I have collected over the years that work for me. For reference, I have fair skin (NW13-15 this time of year), with cool, pink undertones. The lippies I mention in this post go from palest to darkest, with a variety of finishes and brands - swatches are included at the end of the post!

MAC | Creme D'Nude

An oldie but a goodie. Creme D'Nude is the ideal slap in on and go nude to me because of its finish - as it's a cremesheen it's more sheer so I can either use one swipe for more of a hint of colour or build for a very nude lip. There isn't much staying power to this lipstick, but quick re-application is easy.

Lipstick Queen | Nude Metal

This is my favourite of favourites. The shade can only be described as a more pinky-toned nude with gold running throughout it - essentially a lighter version of Nars Orgasm blush in a lipstick. Again, a more moisturizing lipstick, my only criticism/tip is to really exfoliate your lips before applying this because (as with most metallic lipsticks), it really highlights texture.

YSL Rouge Volupte | Shade 1

This is my pink pick out of the bunch, that has a neutral beige undertone. The formula is to die for if you have dry lips as it feels like putting a lip balm on. I find that these more pink-nude tones suit me more than the more brown tones as they liven up my complexion.

Makeup Revolution | Chauffer

If you want a brown-toned matte lipstick but don't think that those sorts of colours suit your  skin - try this! It's the least expensive out of the bunch, has soild staying power and is a 'my lips but better' shade on me.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip | Knotty

I feel bad putting this liquid lipstick in here, as I was part of Colourpop's 2016 Christmas Collection, but in case they bring it back - Knotty is a lovely darker beige, peach nude that despite being a rather drying formula is stunning if you have pale skin. For some reason this looks paler on my lips than swatched.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream | London

The darkest and brownest of my picks. NYX's soft matte lip creams are affordable, comfortable and come in all the colours of the rainbow. I own colours that are lighter than this in this formula, but I feel that those colours are difficult to pull off (particularly the shade Cairo - it's not for me), London, however, is a beautifully effortless brown nude.

Swatches of Mac Creme d'Nude, Lipsick Queen Nude Metal, YSL Shade 1, Makeup Revolution Chauffer, Colourpop Knotty, NYX London

Are there any nude shades I should try that I haven't mentioned here? Thanks for reading...

Robyn xxx


Tarte Shape Tape Concelaer Review - Fair Beige

This concealer seems to have taken the world by storm - so I thought I'd pick up the tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer for myself to give it a whirl. It's described as a vegan friendly, creamy concealer for radiant coverage and contouring. I don't know about contouring (as I only picked up a concealing shade), but this is definitely one of the most full coverage concealers I own - although I wouldn't describe the coverage as 'radiant' - more satin. For a concealer you also get a pretty large amount of product, 10ml for £19, compared to the standard 6ml. 

Although I had this shipped from the US, you can also find this concealer in the UK at QVC. It is sold as a bundle along with tarte's 'Quickie Blending Sponge' (£28); however, QVC doesn't carry as large a shade range as the tarte website. In fact, QVC didn't stock the shade I picked and said they didn't have plans to add any more shades to their website in the near future when I contacted them. 


I picked up the shade 'fair beige', which is described as being suited for fair skin with pink undertones - and at this point I think I need to say that although I can work with this concealer it's a tad lighter than I would normally go for. Below you can see a swatch of the tarte vs the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. Obviously, this gives us fair girls some hope as tarte have two shades lighter than 'fair beige' in their collection - but I think I should have purchased 'light' instead.

Tarte and Nars Concealer Swatch
Left: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Mont Blanc | Right: Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Fair Beige


The doe-foot applicator is about two times bigger than one you would find on other products, and for me I find that this makes applying smaller amounts of product under the eyes difficult. However, the concealer blends seamlessly into the skin and perfectly covers dark circles without looking cakey (despite its full coverage). My under-eyes can be very dry, and so despite a lot of other people's claims, this concealer does crease on me if I don't set it - albeit far less than all the others I own. I've found the best way for me to use this product is to place three small dots of concealer under my eyes and blend with a Beauty Blender.

Overall, I do think this is a brilliant product from tarte, although I do use far less than I see other people using on YouTube. The main draw back if you are in the UK is the difficulty in choosing a shade - you either have a limited shade range from QVC or have to luckily pick your correct shade on the tarte website. Have you bought into the hype of this product? I hope you enjoyed reading...

Robyn xxx


Spectrum Brushes Black Marbleous Review
Spectrum Brushes Black Marbleous Review

Spectrum brushes are stunning - there's no doubt about that. I was lucky enough to be bought a set recently (after drooling over them on Instagram for a while might I add) and as someone who collects makeup brushes I thought I'd give a rather in depth review of these stunning rose gold beauties. Spectrum sell individual brushes and other sets too (all of which are just lovely looking), but this set is called the 'Black Marbleous 12 piece set' - taking its name from the look of black marble. They have 'high shine gloss finish on the handles, rose gold detailing and grey into white ombre bristles,' that I think we can all agree makes this set a stunner - but do they perform?

The set consists of 12 brushes in total, 9 designed for the face and 3 for the eyes. They come packaged in a little plastic wallet to keep them safe for travel (which adorably is pink), as pictured below.

Spectrum Brushes Black Marbleous Review
Spectrum Brushes Black Marbleous Review

Each brush slides into an individual plastic sleeve (to keep the bristles in place), and the larger/more splayed brushes have caps on too (as below), which is also ideal to use when you wash your brushes to help them keep their shape.

Spectrum Brushes Black Marbleous Review

Each brush is very soft, and they have quite a nice weight to them that makes them feel luxurious. The ferrule feels very sturdily connected to the handle - they feel like they would last a long time. Now, lets get into each individual brush.

C01 - Large Fan

This is my favourite brush out of the bunch! It's a lovely, very large and fluffy fan brush that's perfect for quickly contouring (which is what I use it for), or applying highlight to large areas of the body. The large fan brush is super soft and distributes product really well at the same time as blending it! I think I'm in love. Spectrum also came out with an individual SUPER large rainbow fan brush on the 31st of January - you can find it here - if it's anything like this one I'd suggest picking it up.

A00 - Luxe Powder

A luxuriously soft and beautifully large, fluffy powder brush that is ideal for quick application of powder products to the face due to its size. I find this brush a tad to large for my liking to apply powder all over (I use the C07 for that),  but I love it for a really soft bronzer application. If you have a bigger face than mine it'd be ideal for powdering.

C07 - Sculptor

Now, this is the brush in this set I use for all over powder. It has a lovely tapered shape, so it's also good for setting the under-eyes, and also good for blending blush onto the cheeks. I find this to be the most versatile brush in this entire set.

A02 - Angled Foundation

I ADORE this one. A super soft foundation buffing brush with an angled top, but slightly smaller than a lot of the foundation brushes I own, and that's what I love most. With the size of this brush I have more control when I apply foundation, and because the bristles are tightly packed I enjoy using this with more liquid foundations like the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation.

C02 - Flat Top Contour

This brush is ideal for buffing out cream contour - and that's what I use it for. As its dense with sort bristles it doesn't move the contour around too much (which is exactly what I want), but it has enough give to blend product into the skin.

A20 - Luxe Flat Foundation

This is probably my least favourite brush in the entire collection, mainly because I have no real use for it. Again, the bristles are lovely and soft and I imagine it would apply foundation brilliantly, but I'm really not a user of flat foundation brushes. What I have used it for is to lay down cream contour before blending the cream in using the C02 brush - it does this perfectly.

A05 - Precision Blush

Another versatile brush that's useful for both blush and powder contour. I find that this brush feels slightly less soft than the others, not that that means it isn't still lovely and soft. Much like the A02 Angled Foundation brush, the angle on this brush helps to get a perfect blend of blush on the cheeks every time. Though it isn't a very large blush brush (it's called 'precision' - duh!), it's an ideal size for me.

A21 - Luxe Highlight

Luxe Highlight by name, Luxe Highlight by nature - a brush that applies your highlight rather intensely indeed. Unlike a fan brush, you can really pack on (and blend) highlight with the A21 due to its sharp taper. I also use this to set my under-eye concealer with powder due to its shape.

A16 - Precision Crease

Described as a 'precision crease brush', but I would disagree - I would never use this in my crease as it's too flat and stiff to do any blending there. However, it is one of the best brushes for packing product on the lid that I have ever found. I love to use this with glitter and metallic shadows as it keeps them super pigmented and avoids most fall out.

A14 - Winged Definer

I can never have too many of these angled brow/liner brushes in my collection. Their main use to me is for my brows and I'd say the size of this one is about average. I prefer when they're slightly thinner (so I can be more precise as I don't have very bushy brows!), but all-in-all this one is rather good and is stiff enough to do the job.

A09 - Angled Eyeliner 

I'm rather useless at using these brushes for liner, and although this isn't the thinnest liner brush I own, I find this one genuinely easy to use. Liner is a breeze with this angled eyeliner brush.

A10 - Small Fan

...And we're ending on a goody! (I say that like any of them were bad?) This is a beautiful, small fan brush that I use for highlight - and boy does it do the job. This brush is great for a more gentle application of highlight, so I use it with my more intense products so there's no chance of me going over board.

Spectrum Brushes Black Marbleous Review

I've washed these brushes a few times now with no shedding, and they all return perfectly to their natural shape. They retail for £69.99, and for the price I think that's a steal - at just under £6 a brush I don't know why you'd look elsewhere for some beautiful, well-made and versatile brushes. Spectrum also sell a Marbleous Black Roll and  a Marbleous Black Bag that match these brushes perfectly for an extra bit of loveliness. I hope you enjoyed my review...

Robyn xxx


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It feels mad that it's already the end of January - we're properly starting to get into 2017 now and I turned 21 this month! I've been trying out lots of new bits and bobs this month, but my favourites have definitely been steadfast and constant. So lets get into them ...

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Matte Revolution Lipstick | Kidman's Kiss

Being ever so fair at the moment due to the weather, most of my lipsticks look a different colour on me. However, Charlotte Tilbury's Kidman's Kiss doesn't change from looking like a stunning pinky nude, and as my lips are very dry this time of year it's one of the few matte lipstick formulas that I can deal with.

LA Girl Pro.Coverage HD Foundation | Porcelain

I reviewed this foundation this month and, although I've had it for a while it's really come into it's own in the colder months as it doesn't unnecessarily cling to dry patches (that I don't normally have). The colour is just a hair dark on me at the moment, although honestly I don't mind the extra colour. You can find my review here.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid | Pink

Super dark under-eye circles doesn't even being to describe what's been going on recently. This colour correcting concealer has been the only thing that's made any difference to how dark it is under there - which after this is really easy to conceal.

Japonesque Velvet Touch Blush | 01

I picked this up in the Space NK sale* (for a very good price might I add), just to try the formula - and honestly I think I'm in love with the colour. Since I purchased this I've worn nothing else for blush as it's the perfect deeper pink shade for my complexion that blends flawlessly. I need more shades!

Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick | Radiant

Mixing the first two rows of this highlight together gives lovely pink-toned highlight that is stunning when applied over the Japonesque blush.

tarte Tartelette Palette

A fully matte palette that has been ideal for a quick colour in the crease and then you're done kind of look - all I've been doing recently has been picking a different colour from this palette and doing exactly that. My favourite colour is called 'natural beauty,' a light, purple/taupe shade.

What have you been loving recently ?

Robyn xxx


I used to wear false lashes a lot more when I was younger, but last year was the year I really got back into them. I've been looking at trying different kinds of lashes this year, from human hair, silk to mink. Mink lashes, however, can be very expensive, so when I spotted these from Peek-a-Boo lashes I was excited to try them - they only cost £12 for genuine 3D mink lashes! I picked up two styles from falseeyelashes.co.uk, one called Heartbreaker and the other called Troublemaker, but you can also find them on their own website here.

These lashes are 100% genuine, cruelty-free mink lashes that come in eco-friendly packaging and they offer free shipping world-wide over £30 (or free first class in the UK with no minimum order). Additionally, they're not only mink - they're 3D mink so that makes these beauties very fluffy with multiple layers.

As you can see Troublemaker (above) and Heartbreaker (below), are both really intense lashes, and for someone like me with hooded eyes they look massive. However, if that's the look I'm going for they're ideal - I'll be doing some looks with them on Instagram soon. These seem pretty hardy too, as I've re-used one pair ten times now with little difference to the lash.  They also have a very long band so can be cut for your desired size. The band is of average thickness, so if you want lashes with a really thin band these aren't for you; however I personally prefer when more intense lashes have a thicker band as I find it easier to apply them.

Overall, I'd really recommend you pick these lashes up! I think Heartbreaker are a bit too much on my eyes, but Troublemaker really looks good on my eye shape. As a bonus, for very long, lush lashes they feel relatively light on. If you want to try mink lashes at a fraction of the cost of other brands, you can pick these up here! Next I'd love to pick up their style Whip Lash - they look far more natural and delicate - what about you?

I've tried a few ZOYA polishes before and I know that they're often found in professional nail salons. I've also seen from watching various people on YouTube that in the US it seems like their products can sometimes be found in subscription boxes. However, I was intrigued by this set, as it contains a lipstick too (perfectly matched to the nail polish - of course!), and this isn't something I've noticed they have come out with before.

This set retails for $15 (you can find it here). You can also find the lippies and polishes separately for $12 and $10 respectively - so the set is a good deal if you want to try both (and also like to match)! The set comes packaged in a little cardboard silver box and would make a great gift for anyone who likes beauty. You can also find ZOYA in the UK on Beauty Bay and a few other retailers.

Nail Polish - Veronica

I adore the colour of this for my nails - it's described as a 'full coverage brilliant red wine,' with a cream finish and cool undertone. It feels like a gel polish, and lasts ages on my nails with a quick brush on of my Barry M Wet Set Topcoat. I really like the smallish brush size too as I don't have very big nails at all.

Lipstick - Jasmine

Jasmine is described as a 'deep fushia plum cream'. This is a classic lipstick formula that's pigmented and hydrating without a scent or flavour. I'd say it lasts an average length of time on the lips, but it's not long wearing by any means (not that it claims to be), and the cooler undertone suits my pinky skin tone. It's not the most pigmented lipstick I've ever used but sits really well on my dry lips.

Overall, I think this is a lovely set but my favourite item here is definitely the nail polish. I'd rather have a nude with the formula of this lipstick as I tend to prefer darker shades when they're matte and longer lasting than this one, as reapplication can get rather messy otherwise. Have you seen any nice sets out there recently?

Robyn xxx